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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I wrote this post one year ago as we were headed to Pinehurst to celebrate our 2nd anniversary (thanks Dad, for reminding me of it!) and thought I would re-post in honor of our 3rd anniversary today. 

It has been a challenging, wonderful, busy year for our family and as we anxiously await the arrival of our second little lady in just a few short weeks, I can honestly say there is no where I would rather be....and that feels pretty amazing.

~Pressure Cooker~
    March 2012


As I am writing this post we (my husband, nugget & I) are driving to Pinehurst Resort, Pinehurst, NC.....the site of our wedding two years ago this week.

I remember making this same drive a few days before the wedding festivities started....I remember worrying I had left something behind, left out an important detail, constantly running through the check list that had grown in my mind during the previous year of planning. I remember the beautiful feeling of anticipation, knowing we were about to have the most amazing four days of our lives.

I remember clearly, feeling the breath escape my lungs as we turned the corner to view the regal entrance to the resort; the azaleas were towering from the trees above in gorgeous pinks and whites, the sun was radiant, there was no better place for us to spend this weekend.

My husband and I love to play golf the 4 years we dated, we had spent countless weekends making silly bets, drinking adult bevys, soaking up the sun and learning about each other. Pinehurst Resort is a legendary golf resort and a magical place dropped as if by accident into a quaint little town in the middle of North Carolina. From the first visit shortly after our engagement, we knew this was the place, this was where it had to be.

Our wedding consisted of four days of events: a welcome BBQ and croquette tournament, a golf tournament, bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner for all 140 guests, pre-wedding champagne on the lawn, the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party, and a farewell brunch. It was more than I could have ever dreamed, it was a perfect 72 degree, sunny was indeed a celebration filled with an abundance of love.

 Thinking back now, I don't remember every detail, every menu item, or every perfectly placed flower.

What I do remember are the moments.

Seeing my husband laughing with his brother, with my brother, cracking up with his closest friends. Seeing my family, my friends, all who travelled far to be with us. I remember the speeches, the thoughtful heartfelt words that filled our hearts with so much love, the conversations on the porch in a wooden rocking chair with my Mom about what was moving to quickly in front of our eyes.

I remember being told at the end of our rehearsal dinner there was a surprise for us outside; we walked out to see our family and friends holding lanterns to be released into the sky, floating on wishes of love and happiness for our future together.  The most thoughtful, amazing gift from my brother and sister-in-law.

I remember sitting on the veranda outside of our suite with my girlfriends, who had been the sisters I never had, eating pizza and drinking wine well into the early hours of our wedding day. Reminiscing about high school, college, old boyfriends (who thank goodness we didn't keep around), laughing about funny things that happened so far that weekend, dreaming of what tomorrow would be like...would feel like.

I remember the moment I woke up on my wedding day. I remember thanking whoever was out there listening in this great big Universe that I had found my life's companion; the most generous, loving, light hearted, funny, handsome man I had ever met. 

I remember the butterflies. The butterflies dancing in my stomach when I finally slipped on my wedding dress; the moment my Mom hooked the last button. The moment my veil was finally "just so" and my Mom and bridesmaids and I all squealed, cheered and decided it was time to celebrate.

I remember the moment my Dad came into the entryway of our suite and stood smiling, quiet, soaking in what was a moment I knew he had been dreaming of with conflicted anticipation since the first time he held me. I remember the hug, asking him to tell me a joke so I wouldn't cry and ruin my makeup. I remember just before the doors released for us to start our walk to my future, deciding we would play "I Spy" while we walked so that neither of us would cry.....and it worked.

I remember seeing my husband well up, doing the same myself. I remember one of our dearest friends conducting his first (he was ordained just for our wedding) ceremony with such great poise, humor, and love. I remember the moment he announced us as husband and wife, the sheer joy that ran from the tip of my head to the tips of my toes.

There is truly nothing like that moment. 

I remember our first dance, dancing with my Dad, seeing my Mom so incredibly radiant and beautiful. I remember the moment my Dad started his speech...feeling such pride and love for this man who was pouring out his heart all while making a room full of 140 people laugh and cry with him.

Most of all, when the events were over and the guests had headed back to wherever they called home, I remember sitting on the porch in wooden rocking chairs, having a glass of wine with my now husband, talking about how amazing the weekend had been, how loved we felt, how very thankful we were.

Most of all, I remember talking about our future, our family, our unborn children. I remember how we said how incredible it would be to someday return there with our kids, to that very suite, to that very bottle of wine. To rock with our babies as we celebrated what was the most incredible time in our lives...hitting golf balls with them...taking them to get gelato at our favorite soda shop on Main Street.

At this moment, I am looking at our little nugget fast asleep in her car seat, and realizing we are doing just that. We are starting the tradition we talked about that day...we are taking our baby girl to our favorite place. We are starting new memories, with new moments, moments that will forever be ingrained in our her memory.

In this moment, I am remembering the the last line of the vows we wrote to each other:
"I promise to strive to make every day better than the last, knowing that on my last day, my life will have been better because we have loved each other."

And it has, and we do....and we would do it all again and again.....and again.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Traveling to Chelsea Notes Today!

Thank you to my sweet friend and awesome Mommy, Chelsea, for inviting me into your space today, I am more than honored!

Chelsea is new to the blogging world but is already one of my faves...she is an adorbs Mom to a sweet baby boy (Wildman W), a wonderful wife, and an amazing friend with TONS of talent.

Check out my guest post today at:

Chelsea Notes find a delish and nutrish Italian Goulash recipe by yours truly!

Be sure to make Chelsea Notes a regular read, I know you will love her as much as I do!