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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful? Yes, indeed.

Thanksgiving is upon us you will no doubt be seeing a plethora of "thankful" blog posts, Facebook posts and Tweets this week.  I have no doubt we are innately all thankful for many things but having the opportunity to tell those we love, those we admire and those who support us how thankful we are, is such a gift. I hope you will take time over the upcoming holiday to surround yourselves with family, friends, goodness, love, thankfulness and of course, wonderful food. for THANKFUL which I am for so many, many things.  Good and bad, life does not always let us choose the destination but  I have found the journey is often the greatest, most surprising gift. HARPER, for the precious gift of our healthy, wonderful, beautiful, sweet girl. for AHHH!  I finally feel at 31 years old that I have found my purpose, my peace, my place and could not be happier. for is for NATE, my brother who I have had the great fortune of also calling my friend. He is a husband, uncle and father-to-be who I admire so much. He has an envious work ethic, he makes me laugh and he has such a generous, kind heart.  I am so very lucky to share life's journeys with my brother! for KEVIN, the most wonderful, supportive, loving, thoughtful husband and father I know.  I am thankful every day to have my best friend, my greatest source of laughter, and someone with the patience of thousands, by my side. for SISTERS, who this year and always have been a great source of laughter, support, friendship, and pure joy in my life.  Although not sisters by blood, we are sisters at heart and I am so fortunate to have you both. for GOING PLACES, which we have done a lot of this year.  Spending time with friends and family we love (who live too far away) is so valuable to us and I am so thankful this year has been filled with so many wonderful places and most importantly, with some of our favorite people. for INCREDIBLE FRIENDS who have wiped my tears, shared my smiles and have been with me for so many of life's ups and downs.  You are all so special to me and I am truly thankful for each of you. for VARIETY and learning to embrace life with all the changes it brings. for INTROSPECTION which I have done much of this year.  It has made me question myself at my core but has allowed me to reach a place where I realize I am happy with me, happy with life and thankful for all of the good and bad that I bring to the table.  I am a stronger person because of it, with a quieter head and softer heart and I am so thankful for that. for NINE MONTHS of cravings, tears, fears, smiles, kicks, tumbles, fist pumps and wiggles in my belly.  Although it is well known I was not a fan of being pregnant, when I hold my daughter I would happily do it all again and again - I am thankful for the great gift and honor of carrying my sweet baby girl. for GRANDPARENTS. Grandma, Grandpa, Grammy & our parents we questioned you, we challenged you, we made you laugh, we made you cry, we have made you proud (which I know because you tell us so!), we have started our own lives with the foundation you poured your hearts and souls into.  Getting to know you as GRANDPARENTS, we now see all of the things we missed while we were looking at "our parents" - your love, your care, your helpfulness, your support, hugs and kisses....Harper is so incredibly lucky to have you in her life and so are Kevin and I.

THANKSGIVING is a wonderful occasion celebrating THANKFULNESS, such a powerful, wonderful gift.  Wishing you many days, things and people to fill your hearts with thankfulness today and always.

I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes and an excellent substitute for the mound of mashed potatoes that typically accompany the Thanksgiving Day turkey. Easy, delicious and wholesome, Cauliflower Mash is a delightful side to any dish!

Cauliflower Mash

2 Heads Organic Cauliflower
1 Cup Organic Light Sour Cream
3 Tablespoons Organic Parmesan Cheese, shredded
1 Cup Water
Salt and Pepper to Taste


  • Chop cauliflower into 1 inch pieces (eyeball, doesn't have to be exact) 

  • In a medium saucepan, combine water and chopped cauliflower 
  • Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, boil for 10 - 15 minutes or until easily pierced with a fork
  • Remove from heat and strain excess water
  • Place cauliflower in a medium mixing bowl and blend with a hand mixer until smooth.
  • Fold in sour cream and mix by hand until well combined
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Sprinkle with cheese just prior to serving
  • Enjoy!