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Friday, April 5, 2013

3 Wishes - Chelsea from Chelsea Notes Stops By!

It's been awhile since I had a guest post for my "3 Wishes" series and I could not think of a better guest to kick it back off than Chelsea from Chelsea Notes

A beautiful Mama to sweet W (who she calls Wildman, affectionately), fashionista, wife and friend, Chelsea is everything I want to be when I grown up, lol.  

Below, she takes a twist on the 3 Wishes series by tackling one of her favorite topics....closets!  

Read along as Chelsea chooses an item she wishes she NEVER had in her closet, a favorite pick presently in her closet and a wish for a future closet staple.



I am very exciting to be guest posting on Meg's blog today --- she is so very lovely, right?  One of my favorites for sure.  

I thought I would have a light hearted take on 3 Wishes and have them revolve around my "style" and/or closet items.  I put "style" in quotes because lets be honest style is something that is ever evolving.  Some days I feel spot on and am expressing who I am as an individual through my clothes and lets be honest other days I am wearing leggings and a spit up covered tshirt from my husbands drawer.

A Wish for the Past....

One wish I have is to go back in time and leave my Gap overalls at home when I went to college.  Yes, my girlfriends and I still crack up that one day, I literally wore Gap overalls that were a tad bit too short to class one day in college.  What was I thinking?! I am going to look past the fact that I was probably too old in high school to be wearing them --- but college not acceptable.  So not acceptable in fact that I just tried to find some Gap overalls online but could only find them in child version.  Oh vey!

lined-overalls-dark-wash.jpg (260×345)

A Wish for the Present.....

One wish I have for the present is more maxi dresses.  I cannot get enough of these babies.  Easy, functional and you looked pulled together without having to put any effort into it.  As one of my favorite stylists Rachel Zoe said in ( what is easier than a maxi.  You can roll around on the floor with your baby without exposing yourself.  Here are some of my favorites right now:
heritage-sleeveless-knit-patio-dress-dark-sepia.jpg (202×270)

Splendid-Nutmeg-Stripe-Maxi-Dress-1.jpg (460×575)

img-thing (300×300)

In order: Banana Republic, Splendid & Nicole Miller

A Wish for the Future....

A wish I have for the future is to purchase these babies below (Christian Louboutin) in Paris on my 30th birthday. Yes, I know that is a bit of a large wish, but my husband and I have been talking about going abroad next year for a bit and with my 30th next May --- I cannot think of a better time!  I think these shoes are perfect.  But I do I go back and forth on whether I should go for more of a statement shoe, but is there anything classier than a nude heel?  

cf2da88087404a23d8a4a42d9eab3b00.jpg (164×205)

8053083767_38973af414_o.jpg (700×1050)

Well, this was very fun!  Thanks for having me Meg!! XOChels


Thank you Chelsea!  I hate to admit I may have had those same overalls at some point...oy vey INDEED!

Check out Chelsea in her own space:

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