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Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Wrap Up - Is it Friday Already!?

It's Friday at 9:00 p.m. and this is the first chance I have had this week to sit down to write.  It's Friday at 9:00 p.m. and I don't have the energy to think about what I want to instead I will be poaching an article from Yahoo I found via  a friends Facebook page.  

Being a SAHM is a wonderful privilege most  many days but more often than not, it is like being the conductor on a high speed train barreling down the tracks with lots of moving parts and many passengers who need immediate and frequent attention.  I truly didn't understand what I was signing up for when I left corporate America and I can say I am guilty of not understanding how busy a SAHM's life truly could be.  (enter Judgy McJudgerson).

Whether you are a SAHM, a working Mom, single with no children or your children are grown and out of the house (what must that be like?!?!), I hope you will find a chuckle or two in this article and I also hope you will have a better understanding (even appreciation) for the life of a SAHM.

I certainly have a huge admiration for working Mom' seems we (SAHM's and working Mom's) are always in a constant state of one-upping; who works harder, who has it worse, who is a better mother, wife, woman.  Really?

Really, it's all hard. Staying at home is work, hard work; if it wasn't we wouldn't have to pay people to do it for us while we work outside of the home.  Working and being a Mom is hard work too; finding balance is a constant challenge and often guilt is ever present whether you are thinking about your kids at work or thinking about work when you are home with your kids.

What isn't hard is being supportive of your friends, your children, your sisters, your neighbors, in whatever works for them - for their families.  It isn't  shouldn't be a contest and making it one doesn't help any of us get through the day more easily. We are all rock stars.

In spite of the lack of sleep, constant cleaning, constant soothing and tending too, constant exhaustion, constant neglecting of myself....I wouldn't trade it for the world. I couldn't be a working Mom, this I know.  I am lucky to have the option, this I REALLY know.  And the bon-bons and soap operas are pretty great, too. (enter enormous sarcasm).


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