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Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Wrap Up - If I were a 1/2 billionaire...

If you haven't heard the Mega Millions jackpot is 500+ million dollars, good.  One less person keeping me from winning tonight.

All of this talk (I swear it has been on every news program, every radio station, and a headline in every paper today) of the chance that someone could overnight be a 1/2 billionaire got me thinking.

If I were a 1/2 BILLIONAIRE, what would I do with the $$$? Not what would I "politically correctly" do
with the money but what would I really do with all of that cash?

Here are the top TEN things I would do (when I win tonight) in no specific order:

1.) Retire my husband (although I know even with that kind of money he would fight to keep working)

2.) Buy a jet.  And a pilot. And a crew.  Then fly in it. EVERYWHERE. STAT.

3.) Share.  I would share with my family, my extended family, my friends...I don't think it would be any fun to have all of that money if I didn't have any one who could enjoy it with me.

4.) Hire someone to blow dry and style my hair every day; currently two of my least favorite things to do ever.

5.) Buy a few houses.  Here, there, everywhere.  Down market? It wouldn't matter. Maybe even a castle in Ireland just for fun.

6.) Donate to charity. Charities for military families, for babies with no medical care, for orphaned children, for research for very rare diseases affecting those I love.  It would be AMAZING.

7.) Hire a personal chef.  Yes, I love to cook, but I am sure given my status as a 1/2 billionaire I would be allowed to cook in my fabulous state of the art kitchen when the mood struck.  Correction, I would hire a "Get me skinny and keep me there" personal chef. 

8.) I would invent a sound proof, breathable, UV protected buggy that attaches to a golf cart so I could play golf every day with my husband without missing out on time with our nugget.

9.) I would hire a personal shopper and stock up on every thing I have ever had my eye on.

10.) I would pay Bethenny Frankel to be my  neighbor, best friend and go-to for play dates.

What would YOU do with all of of that cash?!?!?!?  I would love to hear what your caviar wishes and 1/2 billionaire dreams are!


  1. If I won the lottery......
    1. Pay off all our debts and the debts of everyone in the family, including student loans
    2. Buy a condo in Atlanta and in MN and somewhere else in the South
    3. Give enough money to Church to update downstairs, bathrooms, kitchen. Also ensure all the missionaries the church supports have their full support and then some!
    4. Get a personal trainer
    5. Travel, travel, travel
    6. Buy the Green Bay Packers!
    7. Give, give, give

    1. LOVE #6! But would you also please by the Jets and fire Tebow??

  2. 1.Quit working a real job!!! IMMEDIATELY
    2.I would pay off all of our debt and take care of our families' too.
    3.Save/invest for Noah's future
    5. hire someone to wash and blow-dry my hair every day (such a wonderful thought!! I would add someone to massage my hands and feet each night too)
    6.Donate to some charities
    Ugh, I hate to even let myself think about's so depressing when you don't win haha!

  3. Love all of those Amanda! I know...always a bummer when we lose but OH the possibilities!

  4. What would I do?
    1. Quit my job.
    2. Pay off all of my bills.
    3. Pay off all my mom and dad's, daughter's, brother's and sister's bills.
    4. Give my family one choice of something they have always wanted, and buy it for them-only one thing though.
    5. Take my family on a very fun-family vacation.
    6. Find as many bullies as I could and put them in a school all together-I hate the bully stories I hear about.
    7. Donate some to charities-although I am not entirely sure of exactly which one.
    8. Try and develop some type of business in my little home town of Bessemer to offer employement to the many without a job.
    9. After my family picked out 1 thing they wanted, I would then give them each 1 million dollars.
    10. Really think about what to do with the rest!

  5. I would buy an overwater hut in the South Pacific and a house next to you and Bethenny!